Mini club adventure

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Mini Club: Creative games for incredible ideas

Our youngest guests will experience incredible fun in the mini club, where they can enjoy various creative workshops. Mini Club Sagitta is a place where children can explore their imagination through fun and educational activities. They will meet new friends and enjoy a variety of activities and workshops.

Creative Workshops

In our creative workshops for the youngest ones, children will embark on various adventures of imagination and creativity. With professionally guided workshops, children will have the opportunity to develop their creativity through activities such as painting, modeling, coloring, or creating various art projects.

Our animators are skilled and experienced in working with children, and numerous games and activities have been designed to stimulate creativity, imagination, and the development of motor skills in children.

Disco Nights

For our little dancers, we organize spectacular children's disco nights. With the rhythms of their favorite children's songs and colorful light effects, children will have the opportunity to show off their best dance moves and enjoy an unforgettable party. At the children's disco nights, everyone will find their rhythm and experience the magic of music while laughing, dancing, and creating wonderful memories with new friends.

The safety and well-being of our youngest guests are extremely important to us, so all activities and games are age-appropriate and tailored to their interests.

Mini Club Opening Hours

The mini club is open every day, providing parents with peace of mind and the assurance that their children are safe and in good hands. The children's club is held twice a day, and the schedule can be found on the hotel notice board. At Hotel Sagitta, we strive to provide everything necessary for a relaxing and unforgettable family vacation.

While our little guests explore the magical world of the mini club, parents can indulge in complete relaxation with a refreshing cocktail at the Beach Bar.
Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience and encourage children's creativity, expression, and exploration, creating beautiful memories and discovering hidden talents in our youngest guests.

Join us at the mini club and create unforgettable moments for your children!

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Mini club adventure

Boundless Joy at the Creative Little Club

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