Destination for vacation: perfect stay in Croatia

Omis is situated at the mouth of the Cetina River, 25 km south of Split. Due to its geographical position it is unique on the Croatian coast and the Mediterranean.

Omis is a city in which weaves a rich cultural heritage, adrenaline sports, rural, river and sea tourism and beautiful natural beauty. Name of Omis is derived from the medieval names Almivssium or Almissa. Throughout history townspeople were famous pirates with light and fast boats (Sagitta) and have long considered invincible due to its defensive position of the city.

Today fortress Mirabela and Fortica testify about rich history of Omis pirates and attract many tourists in tourist season. In the area of Omis there are other numerous cultural attractions from the era of Gothic and Renaissance, especially churches, a Franciscan monastery with a museum and Illyrian seminary. 


Dalmatia is the largest and most famous historical region of Croatia. Located in the south of the Croatia, so it is a land of sun, warm sea, olives, wine, fish and songs, in a word true Mediterranean, as it once was.

Summer holiday in our resort means enjoying all the comforts of Dalmatia. Good connections with all European destinations, makes a vacation in Dalmatia seem at hand or just a few hours from your home in Croatia or in Europe. The crystal- clear water, many islands, rich cultural heritage, the well-known Mediterranean cuisine and friendly staff, for decades make Dalmatia one of the most desirable holiday region in Europe and worldwide.

In this surrounding, Hotel Village Sagitta is a perfect place for family and individual vacation away from everyday problems and hectic lifestyle. Allow us to show you at least a small part of what Dalmatia represents and provides guests through our offer and make your vacation unforgettable part of what you take home from this Mediterranean paradise.


Croatia, as one of the most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean has a long tradition in tourism.
Benefits of Croatian tourism are conserved natural resources and cultural and historical heritage.

Tourist offer in Croatia is very diverse, there are various forms of nautical, diving, hunting, rural, adventure to wellness and spa tourism. All the most beautiful Croatian coastal destinations, Sagitta including, are located near the sea and provide a unique pleasure for both couples and families. Many hotels on the Adriatic coast are designed just for families and contain variety of offers for both children and their parents.
In a large offer of holiday accommodation on the coast there is a holiday in the apartments, which are located on the beach or near the sea. An ideal choice for a family vacation.

 As one of the possibilities for accommodation there is accommodation in resorts.

Resorts such as Sagitta, are ideal for people who love nature, but still want to enjoy the comfort that is provided in such a places. Most of these resorts are very modern and comfortable, and adapted to the needs of all our guests. Hotel Village Sagitta is a typical example which makes Croatia one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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