Omis is situated at the mouth of the Cetina River, 25 km south of Split. Due to its geographical position it is unique on the Croatian coast and the Mediterranean.

Omis is a city in which weaves a rich cultural heritage, adrenaline sports, rural, river and sea tourism and beautiful natural beauty. Name of Omis is derived from the medieval names Almivssium or Almissa. Throughout history townspeople were famous pirates with light and fast boats (Sagitta) and have long considered invincible due to its defensive position of the city. Today fortress Mirabela and Fortica testify about rich history of Omis pirates and attract many tourists in tourist season. In the area of Omis there are other numerous cultural attractions from the era of Gothic and Renaissance, especially churches, a Franciscan monastery with a museum and Illyrian seminary.

Pirating days are over s Omis and its surroundings have turned to tourism development. Variety of Omis Riviera, a small picturesque fishing villages and Omiska Zagora are the inexhaustible source of natural beauty to which, when visit,you always return.

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