The authenticity of Dalmatia

One of the authenticity of Dalmatia is certainly Dalmatian cuisine, which is known by a special culture of saving and enjoying their meals.

It is characterized by intense and varied flavors and rich colors. Dalmatian cuisine is basically very healthy, because when preparing meals, vegetable oils are mainly used, especially olive. With olive oil , an essential part of the Dalmatian cuisine are fruits, lots of vegetables, white and red onions, fish and all seafood, numerous types of meat, bread and all kinds of baked goods, pasta and rice.

Also important is the frequent use of aromatic herbs, especially rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme and mint. Of course, what also makes Dalmatian cuisine special is regular consumption of wine in moderate amounts at each meal.

If you are staying in the area of Omis, you will certainly, sooner or later, be offered Soparnik, a specialty of the region, which dates from the time of Republic of Poljica, and who, along with proscutto and cheese, is a local favorite snack.

The  All Inclusive kitchen in the hotel complex Sagitta seeks to make our guests familiar with Dalmatian cuisine and you will surely enjoy the excellent choice of food in our restaurant.


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