Croatia joins the Schengen zone: tourism without borders

To Europe from now on without a passport or identity card!

73 border crossings on land and 12 border crossings at sea were abolished.
With their abolition, Croatia, as the 23rd member of the EU, is in the Schengen zone.

Tourist season

By entering the Schengen zone, Croatia becomes even closer and more accessible to European tourists.
There will be no more numerous crowds  at the borders during the season.
Tourists will be able to enter and leave Croatia towards Europe unhindered.
It will be even easier for tourists to decide on vacation in Croatia.

Air transport

Changes in air transport will take place on March 26, 2023.
Numerous flights and terminals will adapt.
It is expected that by reducing controls for residents from the Schengen area, crowds will also decrease.


In addition to entering Schengen, Croatia is 01.01.2023. entered the eurozone. For European tourists who are in the eurozone, this makes it even easier to travel with one currency without conversions and recalculations into other currencies, which saves guests money.


With entry into Schengen and the Eurozone, Croatia will become even more popular among tourists.


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